Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Pat Connaughton has chosen to take part in his $5.7M player option for 2022-23.

Pat Connaughton- $5.7 Million Player

The news is an absolute shock to me and I'd bet that the majority of Bucks supporters had been under shock.

Pat Connaughton- Absolute Shock

Connaughton will leave and pursue a more long-term deal for Milwaukee with more money guaranteed.

Pat Connaughton- More Long Term Deal

Instead, he'll sign an agreement that is less expensive and could reduce the burden of luxury tax on the entire roster.

Pat Connaughton- Sign an Agreement

This could be part of a planned extension to ensure that Connaughton in Milwaukee for the remainder.

Pat Connaughton- Planned Extension

It allows them more freedom in the short term in order to determine what the team could do this offseason.

Image Source- Brew Hoop

Pat Connaughton- Freedom in Terms

An imminent extension was likely considering all the positive impressions we've heard from Pat.

Image Source- TMJ4

Pat Connaughton- Imminent Extension

Connaughton demonstrated his ability of contributing to the Championship team.

Pat Connaughton- Ability of Contributing

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