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One of Warriors' new players, Patrick Baldwin Jr. Recently, spoke to Dalton Johnson of NBC Sports Bay Area.

When asked which NBA players he's trying to emulate his game the previous Warriors, Kevin Durant and Otto Porter Jr.

Patrick Baldwin Jr.- Emulate His Game

I'm currently watching Otto Porter Jr., and Michael Porter Jr. & I believe have roles I can fulfill one day.

Patrick Baldwin Jr.- Currently Watching

Golden State selected Baldwin in the first round of the 2022 NBA Draft with the 28th overall selection.

Patrick Baldwin Jr.- First Round

Although he's only been playing for the Warriors for a few months the team has began working with him.

Patrick Baldwin Jr.- Few Months

Baldwin admitted the team at Golden State is trying to assist him in becoming a better shot-maker and mover.

Patrick Baldwin Jr.- Golden State

They're trying to get back into the movement shooting I wasn't expected to perform at Milwaukee.

Patrick Baldwin Jr.- Shooting 

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Patrick Baldwin Jr.- Point Decision

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It's all about making a point-five decision and getting off the ball fast and making quick decisions.

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