There's nothing happening in the NFL calendar at the moment and that means it's the peak season for innovative lists.

Patrick Mahomes- In the NFL Calendar analysts Bucky Brooks took part in the tradition last week post-season ranking of the NFL's "scariest" quarterbacks.

Patrick Mahomes- NFL Analyst View

It shouldn't come as a shock fact that Kansas City Chiefs' signal quarterback Patrick Mahomes landed at No. 1.

Patrick Mahomes- Kansas City

In 2018, the 2018 NFL MVP checked in ahead of Buffalo Bills' Josh Allen, Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers.

Patrick Mahomes- Green Bay Packers

Mahomes is a player with the capability to destroy defenses by throwing a variety of laser-like throws.

Patrick Mahomes- His Capabilities

The sixth-year professional has impressed football fans by his skill in throwing the ball across the field.

Patrick Mahomes- Professional Career

If Mahomes keeps improving his game while maintaining 66.1 percent of completion rates, 105.8 passing.

Patrick Mahomes- Completion Rate

Image Source- Delish

Mahomes has thrown for 37 touchdowns and 4,839 yards in 2021. This was his third consecutive season.

Patrick Mahomes- Touchdowns

Image Source- US Magazine

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