Patrick Mahomes- Considered

Patrick Mahomes has considered the "unusual" reactions that he and other Black quarterbacks.

However he would have rather not said that Black quarterbacks are assessed uniquely in contrast.

Patrick Mahomes- Quarterbacks

Patrick Mahomes- The Remarks

Mahomes thinks the remarks that he, Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray have gotten for this present.

Both Mahomes and Jackson were dependent upon analysis from unknown NFL mentors.

Patrick Mahomes- Dependent

One veteran protective playcaller believed that Mahomes "plays streetball" when he scrambles.

Patrick Mahomes- Protective

Bosses mentor Andy Reid felt that was ridiculous. In that equivalent article, one is cautious.

Patrick Mahomes- Ridiculous

Kyler Murray just had a bizarre proviso in his agreement eliminated on Thursday night.

Patrick Mahomes- Agreement

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Murray referred to the provision as "rude and very nearly a joke" only hours before the Cardinals.

Patrick Mahomes- Provisions

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While the NBA world is going nuts that Kevin Durant has mentioned an exchange from the Brooklyn Nets...

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