Patrick Mahomes- Cheering Husband

Brittany Matthews is cheering on her husband in training camp for the fast near 2022-23 NFL season.

The fitness instructor of 26 years took a picture together with her Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

Patrick Mahomes- Fitness

Patrick Mahomes- Their Daughter

Husband Patrick Mahomes and their wife, 26 as well as their daughter of 18 months Sterling Skye Mahomes.

In addition, Britney, who matched Patrick's outfit of all-red shorts, leggings and an oversized shirt.

Patrick Mahomes- Outfits

A sweatband, wore an athletic red dress that embraced her growing baby bump.

Patrick Mahomes- Red Dress

As long as he's here and I got the ability to still play at a high level, I'm going to be here.

Patrick Mahomes- At High Level

In the meantime, Sterling looked stunning in an adorable blue dress and Red Converse sneakers.

Patrick Mahomes- Adorable

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Brittany as well as Patrick revealed that they were expecting their second baby on May 29.

Patrick Mahomes- Second Baby

Image Source- USA Today

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