Patrick Mahomes- Expectations

Expectations never go down with Patrick Mahomes playing the game. In the last season.

A overtime defeat in the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship Game resulted in a bitter flavor.

Patrick Mahomes- Cincinnati

Patrick Mahomes- Second Part

The second part of the game: I'm not going to say that we relaxed, but that when you play.

That's the way we played. As a group we weren't playing to win, we were just playing to make it.

Patrick Mahomes- Playing to Win

Mahomes stated that the Chiefs did not implement their game plan at the highest standard.

Patrick Mahomes- Game Plan

In a performance that was not typical of Mahomes, the Chief's star quarterback only threw 265 yards.

Patrick Mahomes- Star Quarteback

AFC Championship Game last season. The game was one where the Chiefs lost in the end to the Bengals.

Patrick Mahomes- AFC Championship

The Chiefs offense will sport an entirely different appearance this season due to the retirement Tyreek Hill.

Patrick Mahomes- Chiefs Offense

Image Source- CNBC

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