Patrick Mahomes- Handful of Games

Mahomes recalled a handful of games last November, in which he tried to get out of the first downturn.

Giants as well as the Packers along with the Cowboys. "We were winning, but I wasn't playing my best football.

Patrick Mahomes- With the Cowboys

Patrick Mahomes- Groove Again

Mahomes stated. "Then I kind of got in that groove again, I'm getting the ball out and stuff started.

You saw me get the ball out faster," Mahomes declared. "And then once I started to ball fast and people realized.

Patrick Mahomes- Ball out Faster

In the end of January, Mahomes was nearly perfect and he threw seven 82 yards and eight touchdowns.

Patrick Mahomes- Nearly perfect

What I wanted to know was Reid did he discover that Mahomes did not throw the long ball?

Patrick Mahomes- The Long Ball

He can do all that stuff," Reid declared of his ability throw both short and deep in the most understated way.

Patrick Mahomes- Understated Way

Patrick Mahomes- Kansas City Chief

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