Mahomes was trailing by 10 points in Sunday's game, which included playoffs, for the 17th consecutive season.

After his win in Week 7 at San Francisco Mahomes now stands at 12-5 (.706) over the same period.

His (.790%) and Aaron Rodgers (93.3%) are the only two quarterbacks to have a higher win.

Mahomes still has the edge over your favorite quarterback, even if you are trailing by 10+ points.

Mahomes' career record is 13-9, including a win when he was trailing by double digits.

Mahomes is the only quarterback to have started at least 10 of these games since 1950.

After putting up 423 yards against the 49ers, Mahomes now leads the NFL in passing yards (2159).

Mahomes had his eighth game of the season with at least 400 yards, three touchdowns and a pass.

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