Paul George- Patrick Beverley

Although Patrick Beverley is no longer with the Clippers however, he continues to train alongside.

At a training session along with Rico Hines, Patrick Beverley trained with Paul George and Pascal Siakam.

Paul George- Training Sessions

Paul George- Their Passion

He urged the campers to find their passion and not to try to be Pascal Siakam or Paul George.

Everyone here isn't Paul George," Beverley declared. "Everybody in this room isn't Siakam you guys.

Paul George- Everybody in this Room

You know the teams that you play for will not be able to get the ball that way therefore, you have to be flexible.

Paul George- To be Flexible

In defense, everyone is trying to run back, but we're not running back. How great do you want to become?

Paul George- Not Running Back

The most important thing for aspiring NBA players to be aware of is that they need to discover their purpose.

Paul George- Aspiring NBA Players

Paul George- Knows their Role

Image Source- Sporting News

If there's a player within the NBA who knows their role more than others players, it's Patrick Beverley.

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