Paul George- An Event

Although LA Clippers star Paul George could not participate at Drew League action this summer but he attended an event.

Toronto Raptors players were in the crowd, and as they were done, George gave a message of support towards the Raptors.

Paul George- The Raptors

"Shoutout Toronto, man. Y'all came and y'all represented," George declared. "It's crazy

Paul George- Its Crazy

 I saw y'all on YouTube the first week, came and played the second week, now it's Week 3... and y'all still here.

Paul George- Now It's Week

Although they are in different leagues The Clippers as well as the Raptors always fight well.

Paul George- Fight Well

Both teams are built similarly with a wide range of wings that are able to play on both sides of the ball.

Paul George- Both Team

Paul George- New Season

Image Source-  LATIMES, SI.COM

After working out with Pascal Siakam and other Raptors players, Paul George is optimistic about how Toronto can start the new season.

The Clippers and Raptors have high expectations for this season. And although they don't meet often in the regular season.

Paul George- The Regular Season

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