Paul Millsap- By 76ers

Paul Millsap was acquired by the 76ers from the Brooklyn Nets as part of the James Harden deal.

Veteran could not deliver much in his 16th NBA season. In nine games, he is averaging just 3.7 points.

Paul Millsap- Deliver Much

Millsap's career has not been a complete failure. The 47th pick in 2006's NBA draft was a great choice.

Paul Millsap- NBA Draft

He was an All-Star four times and has played a key role in teams that have reached the conference finals.

Paul Millsap- Four Times

Millsap's teams averaged plus-4.1 points for 100 possessions during his playing years and minus-0.4.

Paul Millsap- Possessions

Millsap has not been signed this off-season. Teams around the league may have noticed that the veteran.

Paul Millsap- Signed Off Season

He had no opportunity anymore. He is still respected and has a chance to get another chance.

Paul Millsap- Chance to Get

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

Paul Millsap- Compiled List

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Bleacher Report compiled a list listing the Top 10 Underrated players. Millsap was included on this list.

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