PYPL Stock- Were Trading

The shares of PayPal ( PYPL -2.05 percent) were trading about 3.5 percent higher at 12:17 p.m. ET.

After analysts openly speculated that activist investors may take a look at the fintech giant.

PYPL Stock- Activitist Investors

PYPL Stock- Research Driven

Don Bilson, the head of research driven by events for Gordon Haskett, noted that as PayPal CEO.

Dan Schulman soon to turn 65, it could be the perfect time for activist investors to be involved.

PYPL Stock- Will Soon Turn

PayPal is expected to figure out the person they'd like to be the next CEO of the company.

PYPL Stock- To Figure Out

This makes it less likely that the company would consider joining the fight in PayPal within the next few months.

PYPL Stock- Consider Joining

PayPal is profitable and will benefit from the fact that more transactions and payments activity.

PYPL Stock- Is Profitable

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The company's current price is about 27 times earnings, which is at the level of the lowest valuation.

PYPL Stock- Current Price

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