Brent Flahr quipped that he is hoping that the Flyers will not pick this same high in the ensuing time.

Philadelphia Flyers- Issuing Time

However Flahr and his scouting team of amateurs are optimistic about landing the best player within the top.

Philadelphia Flyers- Scouting Team

"Yeah, I think we've gone over the players that we feel are the best five and we've gone over different scenarios.

Philadelphia Flyers- Different Scenarios

There are still some unknowns, though," Flahr told reporters on June 10 during an interview on the phone.

Philadelphia Flyers- Interview On

"But I think we're happy with the number of different players at the position, probably even a couple.

Philadelphia Flyers- Different Players

After a 25-46-11 record and a 25-46-11 record, the Flyers are slated to be the number. 5 overall in the draft.

Philadelphia Flyers- Draft in the Pick

Montreal's Flyers have six picks in all. The first round begins around 7 p.m. ET Thursday. Rounds 2-7 begin Friday.

Philadelphia Flyers- Six Picks in All

"I think it's been well-documented, there's no Connor McDavids in the draft or whatnot.

Philadelphia Flyers- Well Documented

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