Although the Phillies didn't play perfect baseball in their doubleheader match against the Washington Nationals.

Philles vs Nationals- Didn't Play Perfect

To win a sweep of Nationals, the Phils overcame a number of miscues. These included too many runners on base in opener

Philles vs Nationals- Sweep of This Team

The Phillies won the opener 5-3. The Phils won the second game, 8-7. These two wins pushed the Phils up to four games.

Philles vs Nationals- Won the Opener

They won the first three games in this five-gamer, and now have five consecutive series wins for the first time since 2011.

Philles vs Nationals- First Three Games

Under new skipper Rob Thomson, the Phils are currently 14-2 & 13-2 in June. Thomson exclaimed, "Great day," after it was over.

Philles vs Nationals- Under New Skipper

The Phillies' biggest strength in the nightcap - two baserunning errors by Rhys Hoskins, Kyle Schwarber.

Image Source- SF Gate

Philles vs Nationals- Biggest Strength

J.T. Realmuto defeated a potential double play ball to keep the eighth innings alive for pinch-hitter Bryce Harper.

Image Source-

Philles vs Nationals- Defeated a Potential

Washington relief pitcher Kyle Finnegan clearly tried to pitch around Harper, and appeared to walk Harper.

Philles vs Nationals- Releif Pitcher

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