Pink Sauce- Viral on Social Media

TikTok as well as Twitter in the last week you've probably heard about something they call "Pink Sauce".

It's the paste that is made of tomatoes and creams it's a condiment created by TikTok users.

Pink Sauce- Made of

Pink Sauce- Made of

The bright pink color is in the traditional Pepto Bismol manner, Chef.Pii sells it, serving it up.

There's a cute graphic on the bottle, similar to the Vogue Pink logo and she's selling the product worldwide.

Pink Sauce- Cute Graphics

Customers of the sauce have reported all sorts of issues, including inaccurate nutritional information.

Pink Sauce- Some Issues

Exploded packaging as well as a smell that has gone bad and different hues of the sauce.

Pink Sauce- Smell Gone Bad

Image Source- New York Posr

In a TikTok posted on Wednesday Chef.PII discussed some of the issues raised about her sauce.

Pink Sauce- Raised Questions

Image Source- Bonappetit

She stated that the sauce is currently being tested in the lab and that she was adhering to "FDA standards".

Pink Sauce- Tested in Labs

Image Source- The Verge

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