In MLB doubleheader action at Busch Stadium, the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals will meet Tuesday.

Pirates vs Cardinals- MLB Doubleheader

These are the second and third games in a 4-game series. The Cardinals won by two runs in the Monday opener.

Pirates vs Cardinals- Second & Third Games

Over the weekend, Pittsburgh faced the Braves and was unsuccessful in their four-game sweep.

Pirates vs Cardinals- Pittsburg Faced

They had a 5-0 lead. Mitch Keller, the starter, finished with 5.1 innings of work, two earned, seven runs, and a walk.

Pirates vs Cardinals- Finished with Innings

The Pirates will be playing JT Brubaker in the Tuesday game one. Brubaker has a record of 0-6 in 12 starts with a 4.60 ERA.

Pirates vs Cardinals- In the Tuesday Game

Pittsburgh will send Bryse Wilson to game 2. Wilson has a record of 0-3 in eight games, five starts, and a 7.53 ERA.

Image Source- Draftkings Nation

Pirates vs Cardinals- Wilson Record

The Cardinals won against the Reds on Friday and Saturday, but lost 7-6 to the Reds in Sunday's final.

Image Source- ESPN

Pirates vs Cardinals- Won Against

Zack Thompson was able to last 5.0 frames with five runs earned on seven hits, two walks and five RBIs.

Pirates vs Cardinals- 5 Runs Earned

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