Pittsburg Steelers- The Depth

On Tuesday on Tuesday, the Pittsburgh Steelers signed McNichols's Jeremy to boost their the depth.

The Steelers have placed McNichols on reserve for injury and then signed the running back Master Teague.

Pittsburg Steelers- On Reserve

Pittsburg Steelers- His Shoulder

It is believed that McNichols was injured on his shoulder. To create a space to McNichols.

Najee Harris remains the best-performing player in Pittsburg. However, his significant task.

Pittsburg Steelers- Performing Player

All-time high of 381 regular season touches, and 14 more during the playoff defeat was troubling.

Pittsburg Steelers- Regular Season

The Steelers are clearly looking for a more stable backup for Harris and, despite his arrival.

Pittsburg Steelers- Clearly Looking

McNichols appeared very much at risk of being considered for that job prior to his injury.

Pittsburg Steelers- Being Considered

Image Source- CNBC

He ran with 360 yards. He also racked up 295 yards in two years with the Titans after being selected.

Pittsburg Steelers- Two Years

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