Pittsburg Steelers- In Pittsburgh

There were some good and some not so great during the first half of football on Sunday in Pittsburgh.

Detroit's first-team defense was very excellent. They gave up nine points through three field goals.

Pittsburg Steelers- Detroit Lions

 However, two of the field goals came about through turnovers made by the Lions which included an interception and a turnovers.

Pittsburg Steelers- A Turnovers

This led to the Steelers offense at the 25 and 19 yards lines, respectively.

Pittsburg Steelers- This Led

In both cases defenses forced three and outs as well as field goal attempts.

Pittsburg Steelers- Field Goal Attemp

In all, Detroit's first team defense played four games and gave up 59 yards as well as 3 field goal.

Pittsburg Steelers- 3 Field Goal

The defensive lineman Aidan Hutchinson, defensive lineman Charles Harris and safety Tracy Walker recorded sacks.

Pittsburg Steelers- Recorded Sacks

Pittsburg Steelers- Ahead 9-0

Image Source- SideLion Report, Crowdwisdom360

The players from both teams for the Lions were off the field when the Steelers ahead 9-0.

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