There are rumors swirling around, Portland Trail Blazers owner Jody Allen has issued what appears.

Portland Trail Blazers- Rumors Answer

Clear announcement regarding the franchise's immediate future: It's not up for sale. It's not currently and certainly not in the near future

Portland Trail Blazers- Announcement

"As the chair for both Portland Trail Blazers and the Seattle Seahawks, my long-term goal is to build winning teams.

Portland Trail Blazers- Long Term Goal

Allen wrote in an announcement released on Tuesday. "Like Paul, my younger brother I trust.

Portland Trail Blazers- I Trust Leaders

Coaches will be able to create winning teams that produce results both on the field and court.

Portland Trail Blazers- Winning Team

As we've said before that neither team is up for sale and there aren't any sales discussions going on.

Portland Trail Blazers- Not to Sale

It is unclear what the future holds for Portland's NBA team is uncertain since the passing of its former owners.

Portland Trail Blazers- Former Owners

Nike founder Phil Knight was leading a group who had made an offer to purchase the Blazers for $2 billion.

Portland Trail Blazers- Leading the Team

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Portland Trail Blazers- Swipe Up!!!

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