QS Stock- Price Target of

QuantumScape's shares (QS) have recently been given a price target of $12 by Morgan Stanley.

Additionally, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas maintains his "Equal-Weight" rating.

QS Stock- Analyst Adam Jonas

QS Stock- Significant Cuts

Jonas stated that he's made significant cuts to forecasts in the shared mobility and auto sector.

Additionally, Jonas noted the fact that Jonas' top-line and EBITDA estimates are cut by 5%.

QS Stock- EBITDA Estimates

QS is a company that competes in the market for electric vehicles has risen by 7.28 percent on Monday.

QS Stock- Electric Vehicles

When it comes to making investment decisions sentiment provides a clear picture of the types of stocks.

QS Stock- Investment Decisions

Sentiment incorporates technical analysis of the short term into its rating and doesn't include any analysis.

QS Stock- Technical Analysis

Image Source- The Moltely Fool

Quantumscape received an outbreaking estimate from the leading ratings firm Morgan Stanley.

QS Stock- Outbreaking Estimates

Image Source- The Moltely Fool

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