Rafael Devers- Game Played

The game played between Yankees against game between the Yankees and Red Sox at Fenway Park.

Was a great example of the reason Boston 3rd baseman Rafael Devers is such a unique baseball player.

Rafael Devers- Great Example

Rafael Devers- Game Time

At the time of the game the Boston third baseman was hitting four hits off Yankees star Gerrit Cole.

From the beginning of the season. Three on four-seam fastballs, and one with the changeup.

Rafael Devers- Beginning

In the bottom third inning on Thursday, Cole threw Devers a 1-1 slider to the ground.

Rafael Devers- Third Innings

Back at just 1.18 feet from the ground. Devers hit it off the park to score an impressive 434-foot slam.

Rafael Devers- The Ground

A little over three hours later, the catcher drove Cole deep once more and hammered an obscene.

Rafael Devers- Three Hours Later

Image Source- WCVB

You can roll over once. Line up one time. You're expected not fail 7 out of ten times during this game.

Rafael Devers- Roll Over

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