Raiders- Disappointing Manner

The New England Patriots 2022 preseason is completed and ended in a disappointing manner.

 The team was able to give its players ample opportunities in the game against Las Vegas Raiders.

Raiders- Its Players

New England therefore concludes their exhibition schedule with a 1-1 record and there are plenty of questions with 16 days remaining

Raiders- 16 Days Remaining

Before the opening of the regular season -- particularly with regard to the defensive side.

Raiders- Defensive Side

New England took the opening kickoff, and the team was Mac Jones and the starting offense that took the field first.

Raiders- The Field First

 Starting out with a 12-person appearance, the team started with a promising touchdown to DeVante Parker.

Raiders- Devante Parker

 The first Rhamondre Stevenson was held for a loss 4, before an 13-yard sack was smashed against Jones.

Raiders- Smshed Against Jones

Raiders- 15 And 30 Days

Image Source- Silver and Black Pride, USAToday

It wasn't much worse in the case of players on the Patriots defensive line, who gave up five plays between 15 and 30-yards.

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