Rams vs Chargers- Their Claims

Bryce Perkins and Lance McCutcheon confirmed their claims to get from the Los Angeles Rams roster.

Perkins made a pair of touchdown passes for McCutcheon while the reigning Super Bowl champions.

Rams vs Chargers- Touchdowns

Rams vs Chargers- Extremely Satisfied

I am extremely satisfied with Bryce's capability to be capable of handling all the various situations that came up.

Perkins who was Rams third-string quarterback in the previous season was on the field for the entire game.

Rams vs Chargers- Quarterbacks

Perkins completed 9 out of 16 throws for 126 yards. He also displayed his speed by gaining 39 yards.

Rams vs Chargers- Speed Gaining

McCutcheon is the undrafted rookie free agent who has received glowing reviews from MVP Cooper Kupp.

Rams vs Chargers- Undrafted Rookie

Perkins was able to connect with McCutcheon for 60 yards of touchdown along the left sideline.

Rams vs Chargers- Left Sideline

Rams vs Chargers- Snatched Up

Image Source- Turf Show Times

McCutcheon was able to get an advantage on Chargers Safety Deane Leonard and snatched it up.

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