Rams vs Texans- Loss in Preseason

Losses in the preseason are definitely more bearable than regular-season defeats, given that the record.

Sean McVay wants to be able to see his players following the game strategy and playing with integrity.

Rams vs Texans- Game Strategy

Rams vs Texans- Faced the Texans

It didn't happen Friday night, as the Rams faced the Texans in a game that they lost 24-20.

The offense took time to start and the defense conceded three scores, which included the game's winner.

Rams vs Texans- Defense Conceded

What we learned from the Week 2 defeat to the Rams which have only one game remaining in the preseason.

Rams vs Texans- Remaining Preseason

The Rams have plenty of players in their line of offensive players, however they're not all qualified to play.

Rams vs Texans- Offensive Player

When they played the Texans The Rams' backup line struggled to stop the pass-rush team that doesn't seem.

Rams vs Texans- Backup Line

Rams vs Texans- Two Characteristics

Image Source- Los Angeles Times

His agility and sensitivity were in full force as are two characteristics that the Rams liked about him.

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