Baltimore Ravens- Third Preseason

Poe was removed from the field during halfway point of Ravens the third preseason match against the Commanders.

The Washington Commanders at M&T Bank Stadium following an apparent leg injury in a mascot game.

Baltimore Ravens- Mascot Game

The beginning of the second half was delayed while Poe was taken care of by the team's trainers.

Baltimore Ravens- Second Half

Poe the quarterback, who suffered an injury while running to his right after being tackled from behind.

Baltimore Ravens- An Injury

The kind of incidents that are typical at NFL stadiums, which often result in viral videos of mascots.

Baltimore Ravens- NFL Season

On Saturday, Blooper, the Atlanta Braves mascot, shared an image of him in a race against young players.

Baltimore Ravens- Atlanta Braves

Didn't he come out of the tunnel, a la Willis Reed?" coach John Harbaugh joked after the game.

Baltimore Ravens- The Tunnels

Image Source- Yard Barker

Baltimore Ravens- Pro Bowls

Image Source- Fan Sided

He has been a 10-time Pro Bowl mascot and has been featured in two national TV commercials.

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