The right-hander was scheduled to start on Saturday for the Boston Red Sox at Seattle.

Red Sox vs Mariners- Right Hander

This was the Red Sox's third consecutive complete game of the season, and the most in the majors.

Red Sox vs Mariners- Third Consecutive

Wacha sought out Nathan Eovaldi and Nick Pivetta, who threw the Red Sox's other complete game after the game.

Red Sox vs Mariners- Complete Game

Wacha said, "I told them going though the high-five line that I was just trying be like you guys," after signing a $7 million contract.

Red Sox vs Mariners- $7 Million Contract

This was the first Boston starter to win 1-0 since Curt Schilling in 2007. It was also the Red Sox’s first shutout.

Red Sox vs Mariners- First Shoutout

Alex Cora, Red Sox manager, said that Wacha was an All-Star in St. Louis in 2015 when he went 17-7.

Image Source- Sportskeeda

Red Sox vs Mariners- What Manager Said

Wacha's record against Seattle has been poor, going 0-3 and 8.27 ERA in five appearances.

Image Source- Sportsspectrum

Red Sox vs Mariners- Against Seattle

Kirby lost his first game against the Red Sox, a 12-6 loss. Kirby gave up five runs and eight hits over five innings.

Image Source- Yahoo

Red Sox vs Mariners- First Game Against

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