Two runners who scored a complete score St. Louis Cardinals second baseman Brendan Donovan in the fourth game.

Reds vs Cardinals- Complete Score

Hunter Greene threw a 100 speed fastball on the outside edge of the pitch in a match between Red & Padres.

Reds vs Cardinals- 100 Speed fastball

The pitch was precisely placed to hit three. Greene was able to shake his hands and walk off the field before continuing.

Reds vs Cardinals- Precisely Placed

It's unlikely to look this way for a pitcher who is 22 years old who is among the youngest players within MLB.

Reds vs Cardinals- Amongst the Youngest

In Busch Stadium on Saturday, when the Cardinals beat the Reds 5-4 after a walk-off homer of Tommy Edman.

Reds vs Cardinals- At the 5-4 Score

Greene looked like a pitcher who's capable of being a front-of-the-rotation starter right now for a contending team.

Image Source- WTOP

Reds vs Cardinals- Contending Team

Greene was able to shake his hands and walk off the field before continuing with the shutout pitch the pitcher was throwing.

Image Source- Cincinnati

Reds vs Cardinals - Shake his Hands

In his last seven games including the match played between Reds & Padres, Greene has a 3.20 ERA and 50 strikeouts.

Image Source- Washingtonpost

Reds vs Cardinals- ERA & Strikeouts

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