Reds vs Phillies- Recent Wins

After their recent wins on Saturday and Sunday over the Pirates The Cincinnati Reds are looking to raise their flag.

Entire state of Pennsylvania as the top squad in their state, or something when they kick off an all-night series.

Reds vs Phillies- Entire State

Reds vs Phillies- In the Career

Tonight could be the first start in the career of Luis Cessa in nearly four years. He was a starter for the Reds earlier.

He's only pitched over 30 pitches this season, and it was on June 8, when he pitched 35 pitches during 1. innings.

Reds vs Phillies- Pitches this Season

The sample size isn't huge to judge Cessa in the divisions this season however, that's not the case for relievers.

Reds vs Phillies- Division This Season

The Reds were the final team Noah Syndergaard faced. It's been a long month since that time.

Reds vs Phillies- The Final Team

He pitched through the 8th inning without making an out & throwing 6 batters, and not walking a single batter.

Reds vs Phillies- Throwing Out

Image Source- Niner Noise

Reds vs Phillies- Right-Handed

Image Source- USA Today

However, he's striking out more right-handed batters than lefties who make many contact with him.

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