RJ Barret- Rookie Contract

The New York Knicks and their wing RJ Barrett have been concluding a four-year extension to his rookie contract

Which could amount the $120-million mark, The ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reports the Barrett's lawyer Bill Duffy.

RJ Barret- $120 Million

The Knicks are believed to be looking for Donovan Mitchell, but team president Leon Rose set a Monday deadline

RJ Barret- Monday Deadline

According to the report according to Wojnarowski, the Knicks and Jazz did not reach an agreements on the details of trade.

RJ Barret- Details Of Trade

The extension doesn't mean the end of any potential deal for Mitchell however it does complicate it more due to the NBA's "poison pill" provision.

RJ Barret- Poision Pill

However, any team that trades for Barrett prior to July would be taking in $26.2 million of the cap on salary.

RJ Barret- The Cap On Salary

Both sides are interested in a trade that includes Barrett according to the report. The extension is essentially a requirement for that the Knicks.

RJ Barret- The Knicks

RJ Barret- The Extension

Image Source- Vogue, USOPEN.org

Barrett is expected to sign the extension during his first season of eligibility to sign it.

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