Rodolfo Castro- Letting His Cellphone

Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Rodolfo Castro was suspended for one game, and fined on Tuesday after letting his cellphone.

Fall through his pants as he was running the bases this week, as per the ESPN's Jeff Passan.

Rodolfo Castro- Jeff Passan

Rodolfo Castro- Electronic Devices

Castro was in violation of the Major League Baseball's rules on electronic devices.

Castro is planning to contest the suspension, which means that Castro can take on his team the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday evening.

Rodolfo Castro- Boston Red Sox

Castro was moving into third base in the Pirates match against the Arizona Diamondbacks last week.

Rodolfo Castro- Last Weeks

When his phone fell from his bag making one of the most bizarre incidents in the league thus early in the season.

Rodolfo Castro- Bag Making

As per MLB rules the only devices permitted in dugouts are MLB-approved tablets and PitchComs.

Rodolfo Castro- Pitchcoms

Image Source- AZ Family

Rodolfo Castro- Extreamly Unlikely

Image Source- Times Union

Although the phone could be utilized to cheat in a way, it's extremely unlikely that that's what was taking place in this instance.

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