The men's part of Wimbledon will start on Monday and there's one significant absence.

Roger Federer- Wimbledon 2022

The eight-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer will not take part in the tournament.

Roger Federer- Eight Time Champion

Federer 40, who is recovering from having knee surgery in the year 2000. Federer underwent surgery for his left knee.

Roger Federer- Having Knee Surgery

He had two operations for his knees in the year 2020. He also underwent surgery on his left knee in 2016.

Roger Federer- Had Two Operations

On March 1, Federer stated that his latest operation was going to keep him out tennis until late in the summer.

Roger Federer- Latest Operation

Federer is, however, able to participate in the U.S. Open which will begin on Aug. 29 as per the timetable.

Image Source- Britannica

Roger Federer- In the US Open

Federer has kept his fans updated on his progress via his Instagram account. While he's not allowed to compete.

Image Source- NDTV Sports

Roger Federer- Updates on Progress

Although he's unlikely to be back on time for Wimbledon next year Federer is expressing a wish to play.

Roger Federer- A Wish to Play

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