According to the NFL Roger Goodell accepted an invitation from the U.S. House Committee on Oversight on June 22.

Roger Goodell- Accepted an Invitation

Brian McCarthy, a league spokesperson, said via email that "The Oversight Committee received notification this afternoon. 

Roger Goodell- A League Spokesperson

 He will still be subjected to intense questioning about the Commanders investigation.

Roger Goodell- Still be Sujected

During the investigation, the inexplicable choice to not seek recommendations by attorney Beth Wilkinson.

Roger Goodell- During an Investigation

Committees may ask him from Deshaun Webb to Stephen Ross, Jon Gruden, and the league's insistence upon in-house.

Roger Goodell- Committees May Ask

It will be far less dramatic if Goodell is not there, as he sits across from the panel of representatives.

Image Source- AZ Central

Roger Goodell- Far Leass Dramatic

who won't reply to any non-answers he might offer by moving onto the next topic but by telling him.

Image Source- USA Today

Roger Goodell- Any Non-Answers

Committee received notification this afternoon that Commissioner Goodell accepted the invitation.

Roger Goodell- Received Notifications

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