Roquan Smith- Looking to Leave

Roquan Smith is looking to leave the Bears after failed contract talks trying to assist the linebacker.

Chicago trying to assist the linebacker's best friend to fulfill his dream could face sanction by the NFL.

Roquan Smith- Trying to Assist

Roquan Smith- To be Representatives

NFL warned teams on Monday that any interaction with Smith or anyone who claims to be the representative.

This "stringent" warning follows a week since NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was disciplined.

Roquan Smith- Warning Follows

Who were in contract with other teams. The warning comes just several days after ProFootballTalk.

Roquan Smith- Pro Football Talk

Smith has been unable to obtain the Bears' permission to pursue the possibility of a trade.

Roquan Smith- Permission to Persue

Since Smith hasn't attended practice during Bears training camp is under contract until 2022.

Roquan Smith- Attended Practice

Roquan Smith- Trade Discussion

Image Source- SI.COM Bleacher Report

Chicago is technically not need to allow trade discussions between the linebackeror an agent.

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