Russell Westbrook is choosing to sign on for the final year of his contract and has the remaining $47 million.

Russell Westbrook- Choosing to SIgn

Westbrook has just come off the most disappointing performance of his entire career. 

Russell Westbrook- Performance Stats

The Lakers were the favorite to take home the Western Conference when they acquired Westbrook last offseason.

Russell Westbrook- Western Conference

They failed to even make it to the play-in round without him. He scored less than 20 points per match for his first game.

Russell Westbrook- Less than 20 Points

He didn't make any commitments to improve his defensive game, off-ball movements and shot selection.

Russell Westbrook- Any Commitments

If Westbrook decided to walk away in the first place, he would have been paying tens of millions of dollars.

Image Source- Lakers Daily

Russell Westbrook- To Walk Away

He could not have been able to get anywhere near the $47 million he's expected to earn in the event.

Image Source- LA Times

Russell Westbrook- $47 Million Deal

The Lakers might be able to trade Westbrook. Actually, they could not do so until he opts to remain.

Russell Westbrook- Able to Trade

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