Many speculated that Russell Westbrook would get a new club after an awful initial season in The Los Angeles Lakers.

Russell Westbrook- New Club

Russell Westbrook- Point Guard

The Lakers point guard and his agent Thad Foucher from Wasserman has parted ways after an offseason.

Foucher has been a part of Westbrook from when he began his NBA career. It began with his fourth selection.

Russell Westbrook- With the NBA Star

He continued to represent Westbrook throughout his MVP-winning Thunder time and his trades to The Houston Rockets.

Russell Westbrook- MVP Winning

Washington Wizards and Lakers. In the past, he's recorded $288 million as NBA pay, per Spotrac.

Russell Westbrook- Million Dollars Deal

The only place Westbrook and Foucher appear to have diverged is on what they felt was best for him.

Russell Westbrook- Best for NBA Star

They have recently considered an Irving-Westbrook trade but the deal hasn't been realized as the two teams.

Russell Westbrook- Recently Considered

The Lakers are likely to are in agreement with Westbrook despite the new the head coach Darvin Ham's publicly.

Russell Westbrook- An Agreement

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