Russell Westbrook- Variety Trade

There have been a variety of trade possibilities surrounding Lakers guard Russell Westbrook.

Even though Westbrook never publicly called for any deal but the contract of Westbrook ($47.1M) is a significant.

Russell Westbrook- Significant

Russell Westbrook- New Team Possible

However the possibility of a new team has emerged as a possibility if the Lakers were to sell him.

The Dallas Mavericks add onto the list of possible suitors based on the conclusion of a Westbrook buyout.

Russell Westbrook- Dallas Mavericks

Extremely respected league fixture believes it will eventually be Mavericks Head Coach Jason Kidd's.

Russell Westbrook- League Fixtures

To sign Westbrook they could team him up with Luka Doncic who is among the league's best guards.

Russell Westbrook- Team Him

Westbrook could be able to fill the gap that was left by Jalen Brunson's move with the New York Knicks.

Russell Westbrook- Fill the Gap

There's any indication that the Lakers are considering a Westbrook buyout, and neither is Russ being open.

Russell Westbrook- Being Open

Image Source- Yard Barker

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