Russell Westbrook- Lakers Trade

The trade of Russell Westbrook appears to be the LA Lakers' crucial to bolster their roster.

Former NBA MVP was a struggle during his first season with the team, leading to their inability.

Russell Westbrook- Former MVP

Russell Westbrook- Unable to Afford

The Lakers were also unable to afford the ability to make changes in the free market because of the salary.

However, his worth has declined on the market. There is no interest from any team in including him.

Russell Westbrook- Worth has Declined

NBA reports suggest that the Lakers are likely to trade the 2027 as well as 2029 initial round.

Russell Westbrook- Likely to Trade

It appears that the LA Lakers have stalled in negotiations for trade with Russell Westbrook.

Russell Westbrook- In Negotiations

According to the The Athletic's Jovan Buha There is an 'intense deadline' they've set to locate the right.

Russell Westbrook- A Deadline

Alongside their 2027 and 2029 draft picks the Lakers are likely to require an additional team to facilitate.

Russell Westbrook- Draft Pick

Image Source- Blleacher Reports

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