Russell Westbrook- This Offseason

The Los Angeles Lakers failed to trade Russell Westbrook this offseason. The front office has a lot of time.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis met recently to renew their commitments to the franchise in the upcoming season.

Russell Westbrook- Their Commitment

Russell Westbrook- On the Roster

If Westbrook is still on the roster, there should not be any talk about Los Angeles cutting down.

If the Lakers fail Westbrook to sell, it would be better for all parties if the confident guard took a back seat.

Russell Westbrook- For All Parties

Oladipo, who appeared on Vince Carter's "The VC Show", was insistent about the Russell Westbrook.

Russell Westbrook- The VC Show

Russ is a motivated man and nothing to be feigned with. But, does anyone gain from his so-called revenge tour.

Russell Westbrook- Motivated Man

The Lakers actually need Westbrook to play offense less. Not him listening to all the criticisms from analysts.

Russell Westbrook- Play Offense

Russell Westbrook- Convey Message

Image Source- USA Today

Which may be warranted and then going bonkers to convey a message once the season begins.

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