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The Los Angeles Lakers have been trying to trade Russell Westbrook going back to January.

The team's plans to swap him in exchange for Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving were rejected.

Russell Westbrook- Brooklyn Nets

With every passing day of during the hot summer season, the likelihood that the league's former MVP.

Russell Westbrook- Former MVP

Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Times wrote last Friday that Lakers could not be an issue with that.

Russell Westbrook- Los Angeles

"Sources confirm that the Lakers are content going towards training camp, with Westbrook as a player. 

Russell Westbrook- Training Camp

They hope that their new head coach Darvin Ham can unleash more energy on defense.

Russell Westbrook- Energy On Defense

Russell Westbrook- Trade This Month

Image Source- LakersNation, Fansided

The argument for that, of course, is if the Lakers can't build into a true contender via trade this month.

There are some who believe that the talks about Westbrook comes out of Lakers people this summer or about Ham.

Russell Westbrook- This Summer

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