Russell Westbrook- A Timeout

Russell Westbrook needed a timeout. Patrick Beverley was looking for a steal. They are now teammates for Lakers.

In a trade Wednesday night the Lakers purchased Beverley, sending Talen Hucker-Tucker to the Utah Jazz.

Russell Westbrook- Lakers Purchased

Russell Westbrook- Hobble Immidiately

Westbrook began to hobble immediately and punched the table. Beverley was furious that he had torn his meniscus.

Beverley said that "a lot of people do this throughout the league," to reporters that night.

Russell Westbrook- The League

Beverley attempted the same thing in March 2003, when she was playing in a regular-season match.

Russell Westbrook- Regular Season Match

The two of them continued to antagonize each other, Westbrook with his rock the-baby celebration.

Russell Westbrook- Baby Celebration

The two would often fight on the court and bark at one another, earning a technical foul more often than not.

Russell Westbrook- Technical Foul

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Russell Westbrook- Players Fans

Image Source- The Guardian

Beverley stated that "he damaged my career." "Like coaches, players, fans, I was looked at differently by them.

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