The Seattle Seahawks are required to plan for an alternate plan. You can't trade a potential Hall of Fame quarterback like Russell Wilson.

Russell Wilson- Seattle Seahawks

It's not a good idea to trade Wilson at his peak and enter an entire season playing Drew Lock as his replacement.

Russell Wilson- Not a Good Idea

For a long time, over the years, the Seahawks have been known as the most unconventional team in football.

Russell Wilson- Over the Years

They were determined to get the run going when they included Wilson, DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett in the passing game.

Russell Wilson- Get the Innings Going

Seattle's strategy was in opposition to nearly every modern principle of the NFL & it worked.

Russell Wilson- Strategy of the Team

The Seahawks did not do anything slick for the purpose of replacing Wilson. They spoke to Lock.

Image Source- Sporting News

Russell Wilson- What the Purpose

"We've been successful for a long time and we're proud of that," Carroll told reporters in March as reported.

Image Source- Horseshoeheroes

Russell Wilson- They are Proud for

He finished 7-9 in the second and third non-Wilson Seahawks seasons, and when Wilson finally was forced to withdraw.

Russell Wilson- Forced to Withdraw

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