Russell Wilson hasn't played a play in his team, the Denver Broncos, but that isn't stopping him from leading the NFL.

Russell Wilson- Denver Broncos

New Broncos quarterback is leading in the National Football League in jersey sales to date in 2022.

Russell Wilson- National Football League

The player was acquired in March by the Seattle Seahawks, Wilson has become a fan-favorite right away.

Russell Wilson- Acquire in March

Wilson has been busy in the offseason, going to Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets and Colorado Rockies games.

Russell Wilson- Colorado & Others

Wilson has also been able to enjoy Wimbledon tennis as well as make a speech for the graduation.

Russell Wilson- Enjoy Wimbledon

Even even though Wilson has been spotted all over Denver watching his favorite teams like the Colorado Rockies.

Russell Wilson- Rookie Spotted

The Broncos have high hopes for Russell Wilson since trading for Russell Wilson to the Seattle Seahawks.

Russell Wilson- Hopes are High

Russell Wilson was even seen in month in May having a conversation with Peyton Manning.

Russell Wilson- Having Conversation

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