Russell Wilson- 10th Straight Season

For the 10th straight season, Russell Wilson has earned an appearance at the top of the NFL Top 100 player.

Prior to his first year in the role of the Bronco, Wilson received the position on the list at 61 in the NFL Ranking.

Russell Wilson- Number 61 Position

Russell Wilson- Lowest Position

Although this is Wilson's lowest position since being cut in 2013, it's a result of an entire season in the NFL.

Despite the fact that Wilson produced highly acceptable numbers with 3113 yards and 25 touchdowns.

Russell Wilson- Highly Acceptable

In the quarterbacks that played a minimum of 10 matches in the 2021 season, Wilson was ranked 5th.

Russell Wilson- Minimum Matches

For Denver, Wilson is poised for a solid bounce-back performance with an offensive that is led by Head Coach.

Russell Wilson- Bounce Back

Edge sprinter Bradley Chubb ranked No. 40 last year, however, after a shaky, injury-plagued season.

Russell Wilson- Injury Plagued

Russell Wilson- Top 100 List

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

If he's what the Broncos believe they will find to become, then his place in the 2022 NFL Top 100 list.

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