Jake Heaps spent 4 hours on the radio in Seattle. This was his last day as co-host of a midday sports show.

Russell Wilson- Spent Time on Radio

He found himself in Colorado's Chaparral High school, where he was amongst 500 campers, less than 24 hours later.

Russell Wilson- Amongst 500 Campers

Heaps boarded a plane to fly to Denver to attend the first of many Russell Wilson Passing Academy camps..

Russell Wilson- Passing Academy Camp

Heaps had been working with Wilson for five years and was familiar with his coaching methods.

Russell Wilson- Heaps WOrking With

Wilson's Passing Academy will continue to include Heaps but he will also be Wilson's private quarterback coach.

Russell Wilson- Private Quarterback Coach

We've been doing things in the offseason, but Russell moving to Denver was a big deal for me.

Image Source- The Golfing Golf

Russell Wilson- Moving to Denver

Heaps said that he believes we can accomplish what we want and Russell wants over the next 10 year.

Image Source- Golf Digest

Russell Wilson- Over Upcoming Years

It's a huge change for me personally but I'm eager to get on board and work closely with him.

Russell Wilson- Eager to Get Onboard

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