Ryan Blaney- Daytona Internation

Austin Dillon avoided an enormous wreck in the rain to take home the win the race at Daytona International Speedway.

He took over Austin Cindric for the lead after three laps to go following the red flag was in place.

Ryan Blaney- Took Over

"It's crazy," Dillon stated. "You simply must not give up and believe in yourself. There were some difficult finishes.

Ryan Blaney- Believe Yourself

I was a bit sour about the fact that was smart and didn't get it finished. Today we finished it.

Ryan Blaney- Get it Finished

Truex appeared to be on track to be able to secure his final postseason place when the skies opened.

Ryan Blaney- Final Postseason

Blaney was seventh ahead of Truex at the finish line, however, he was three points ahead of Truex in the rankings.

Ryan Blaney- In the Ranking

You just try to stay optimistic," Blaney stated. "Definitely a roller coaster of emotions that ended.

Ryan Blaney- Stay Optimistic

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Ryan Blaney- Chevrolet

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Dillon's win with the no. 3 Chevrolet was as impressive as Blaney's recovery. He was 16th when he crashed.

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