Sam Howell- On Saturday Night

The Washington Commanders wrap up their 2022 preseason schedule by making an excursion to Baltimore to face the Ravens on Saturday night.

QB Sam Howell is likely to receive some extra playing time in the final game of the preseason as he's trying to win the job of the backup quarterback.

Sam Howell- Backup Quarterback

With the additional repetitions, it's an opportunity for Howell to demonstrate the potential he has to the head Coach Ron Rivera.

Sam Howell- Head Coach

Before the game on Saturday, Rivera revealed what the chance means the possibility for Howell and the things.

Sam Howell- The Game On Saturday

He hopes to achieve in the final workouts before an upcoming regular-season game.

Sam Howell- Regular Season Game

It is probably part of his habits anyway," Rivera explained. "But this will be a good chance for him to kind of show us that he knows how to do it."

Sam Howell- Riveria Explained

Howell has played one truly great game and a decent game thus far. The quarterback has completed 56% his throws for 267 yards.

Sam Howell- The Quarterback

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Sam Howell- Younger Player

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When they take on the Ravens They will have a more streamlined strategy to provide their players younger players.

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