Sam Howell- Former UNC

Sam Howell, a former UNC QB was impressive in his first game action as a Washington commander.

He scored two rushing touchdowns and threw a 2-point conversion in Washington’s preseason match.

Sam Howell- Rushing Touchdowns

Sam Howell- Half an Hour Away

Howell, who grew up just half an hour away from the Panthers' stadium in high school clearly enjoyed it.

Howell was back at work once more, turning an early 3rd and 14 with a 40 yard pass to convert the play.

Sam Howell- Convert to Play

The Player again displayed his speed by catching a quarterback sneak and scoring a touchdown.

Sam Howell- QB Sneak

With 2:26 left, the Commanders led 21-20 but couldn't hold off the Panthers on their final drive in the Preseason.

Sam Howell- Final Drive

Howell's numbers speak for themselves. 9-16 passing for just 143 yards, and no interceptions.

Sam Howell- No Interceptions

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Sam Howell- Kansas City Chief

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Washington's second preseason match against the Kansas City Chiefs will be played on August 20.

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