Three decades after, White Sox fans might still be asking: "What's the real reason Sammy Sosa was traded to the Chicago Cubs?

Sammy Sosa- Real Reason

The White Sox traded Sosa, Ken Patterson and some cash to the Cubs in exchange for George Bell.

Sammy Sosa- White Sox Traded

hen, on Thursday's Sox Pregame Live Show on Thursday, Chicago legend Frank Thomas provided some insights.

Sammy Sosa- Pregame Live Show

He could have had an amazing, fantastic experience on the southern side. Him along with Walt Hriniak didn't get along.

Sammy Sosa- Fantastic Experience

The reason they had to get him out of the picture. He couldn't be a part of Walt for a long time," Thomas said.

Sammy Sosa- Out of the Picture

"He was not looking to change his swing because he didn't like the final. Therefore, he decided to become.

Image Source- Bleed Cubbie Blue

Sammy Sosa- Looking to Change

Sosa continued to show that the cross-town trade was a terrible idea though he was one of the best players.

Image Source- The Netline

Sammy Sosa- Cross Town Trade

He was one of the best players of the history of the Cubs and hit 545 home runs while an official of the team.

Sammy Sosa- One of the Best Player

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