The 49ers might not have had an especially exciting offseason, but they might see improvement in their rosters.

San Francisco 49ers- Exciting Offseason

San Francisco had a slew of players who traveled to Orlando to play in an NFL All-Star game in the past.

San Francisco 49ers- Team of Players

Deebo Samuel Trent Williams, Kyle Juszczyk, George Kittle and Nick Bosa were all named on the first team.

San Francisco 49ers- First Team Names

Laken Tomlinson was eventually drafted into the team as well. The Pro Bowlers from last year are likely to return this season.

San Francisco 49ers- Team Drafting

There are seven players on the roster this year that stand out as potential candidates to make it to the Pro Bowl.

San Francisco 49ers- Players on Roster

Armstead ended 2021's season with the most impressive game of his professional career.

San Francisco 49ers- Impressive Games

Over the same time, Armstead racked up 8.0 from his 10.0 sacks. Armstead is always an effective pass rusher.

San Francisco 49ers- Effective Pass

The chaos in the 49ers secondary last season caused it to be difficult to discern who was great and who wasn't.

San Francisco 49ers- Chaos in Team

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San Francisco 49ers- Swipe Up!!!

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