Saudi Aramco- Huge Profits Booked

Saudi Aramco has posted its highest profits since its 2019 listing as oil and gas prices surge around the world.

The state-owned Saudi Aramco saw an 82% jump in profits, with net income topping $39.5bn (£32.2bn) in the first quarter.

Saudi Aramco- 82% Jump in Profits

Saudi Aramco- Press Release

In a press release, Saudi Aramco said it had been boosted by higher prices, as well as an increase in production.

Russia is one of the world's biggest exporters but Western nations have pledged to cut their dependence on Russia.

Saudi Aramco- Russia is the Biggest Exporter

Saudi Aramco- Prices of Oil Surge

Oil prices were already rising before the Ukraine war as economies started to recover from the Covid pandemic.

Other energy firms including Shell, BP and TotalEnergies have also reported soaring profits as a result.

Saudi Aramco- Other Energy Firms

Saudi Aramco- Amin Nasser Statement

Saudi Aramco "focused on helping meet the world's demand for energy that is reliable, affordable and increasingly sustainable".

Aramco also announced on Sunday it would issue 20 billion bonus shares to shareholders - one share for every 10 shares.

Saudi Aramco- 20 Billion Bonus Shares

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